Now dzhimkhana is also among the winter beauties of Karelia!
Maximum speed, minimum time, the highest accuracy of the route!
Don't miss your chance and take part in the crazy race!

The goal of the competition is to complete the track in the shortest possible time with maximum speed. Various obstacles in the form of cones, car tires, barrels and the most unexpected objects are placed on the track.

The driver must go through the track in a predetermined order, showing different driving techniques. Passing the dzhimkhana track, the pilot must perform 180 and 360 degree turns, show exercises with backward riding, passing parking boxes, twisting "eights" and other complex elements.
27 Feb, 2022
27 Feb, 2022
What accreditation gives:
a vest with which access to areas closed to ordinary participants is open;
placement of a photo signed by the author on the website of the Winter Drive festival and in the office. the VK community.
What is required from the operator:
How to get accredited?
provision of photo and video materials no later than 5 days after the end of the event;
granting of rights to use materials (at the request of the organizers).

Download and fill out the Accreditation Form
Leave your contact details and upload the completed form.
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