February 25-27, 2022
25 hours
Karelia, Sortavala, Lake, Ayrannee
25 hours on ice
International marathon «25 hours on ice»
Winter drive on Ayranne lake
No thorns
Only skill
Desperate Racers
The festival combines:
25-hour Marathon on ice on classic cars on winter tires without studs,
Dancing Car Cup,
Winter Drift Cup Stage,
skaters marathon,
Amateur hockey teams tournament,
sprint duet between skaters and cars,
junior husky sledding sprint
and other technical and massive winter competitions and entertainment for amateurs and professionals.
Show your skills and team spirit
Only cars with rear wheel drive, only on tires without studs! Ice ring about 5 km on Lake Ayranne. 40 teams from different cities of Russia and the world. Skill, courage, endurance and epicness are the main criteria for participation.
Places left
Why it is worth participating
Unique format
We accept any commands
Nowhere else in the world are there 25 hours. Especially on ice.
Anyone can participate, there is no framework. The main requirements are a car, 4 pilots, a reliable mechanics. If it is not possible to assemble a full-fledged team, we can add you to the existing one.
Annual ride for 200-300 laps on a frozen lake
High-speed passage of the track with the required performance of figures and exercises.
Events 2022
Marathon 25 hours on ice
Ilona's message to the participants of the Marathon 2022
(video coming soon)
Impressions of one of the teams (2021)
Ice dancing cars cup (2018)
1500 km
On ice without thorns
Race judges
Snowy winter
Winter Games
What awaits the audience
Dog sled
Karelian nature
Republic of Karelia, city of Sortavala, lake Ayranne
By car along the A-121 «Sortavala»
By fast train «Lastochka»
By bus from St. Petersburg
By train from Moscow
Artur Olegovich Parfenchikov
Head of the Republic of Karelia
I would like to wish the car marathon development, attracting new participants and spectators. The event is bright, spectacular, interesting and claims to be one of the annual republican events. Before the start of the race, I was happy to take a picture with the participants of the first Winter Drive marathon - so that next year it would be possible to compare how many times their number increased. "
Festival organizer
The 25 Hours on Ice Marathon was conceived as a project for true connoisseurs of driving skills and for those who are ready to challenge themselves! For people who understand and value teamwork, know how to work for the result and can achieve it. The taste of victory is especially sweet when you can share it with the same obsessed as you, with your team! I want people at our competitions to work to their maximum, interact, create and plan tactics, play their game, and at the same time demonstrate the highest art and skill. For beginner marathoners, this will be an invaluable and unforgettable experience that they can apply in any life situation. In the Marathon, the task is not just to run kilometers, but to roll as many laps as possible. Therefore, everyone must behave very tactfully, because any departure from the track is a loss. This is the whole art - to see, plan and act at the limit, on the edge, keeping cars and strength for the main leap! "
Ilona Nakutis
Ilona Nakutis
Vadim Lisovsky
The author and ideologist of the festival, the champion of Russia, the winner and medalist of the championships and cups of the USSR in rallies, twice record holder of Russia, the head of the driver training center «Drive Klass» and the children's and youth school
President of the KROO «Federation of Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined»
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