The Winter Drive festival is a cascade of unique events that are held in Karelia, in Sortavala, on the ice of a small lake Ayranne and in the territory of the old Vakkosalmi park in February each year.

The festival combines: a 25-hour ice marathon on classic cars without winter studs, a cup of dancing cars, a stage of the Winter Drift Cup, a speed skating marathon, an amateur hockey tournament, a sprint duo between skaters and cars, a junior team sprint Husky and other technical and massive winter competitions and entertainment for amateurs and professionals.

Marathon-giant "25 hours on ice"

An ice ring about 5 km long on the ice of Lake Ayranne in the city of Sortavala, the Republic of Karelia.

More than 30 crews, consisting of 3-4 pilots, on rear-wheel drive cars without stabilization systems and on tires without studs.

20.02.2021 13:00

21.02.2021 14:00

Icedancing Cars Cup

The beauty of the movement, drive, music, drawing, design and artistry - these are the main evaluation criteria for competent judges!

Single, double or group performance to music on any make of the car! Show your skills to millions!



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