Icedancing Cars Cup

The beauty of the movement, drive, music, drawing, design and artistry - these are the main evaluation criteria for competent judges!

Single, double or group performance to music on any make of the car! Show your skills to millions!

 Ice training ground on Lake Ayran, Sortavala, Republic of Karelia. More than 20 pilots from different regions of Russia and countries of the world.

The competition program of the Cup includes ice dancing on cars to music, including live, in singles, doubles and group skating and consists of two rounds: compulsory and free programs. A competent jury consisting of experienced auto athletes and famous artists will evaluate the performance of the participants on the totality of the ability to drive a car on ice, the artistic performance of programs and their originality.

Judges will evaluate this bewitching action by the quality of execution, the complexity of the drawing, the rhythm, the complexity of the program and, of course, the beauty of the execution!



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